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Nottinghamshire has never had a group dedicated for to the conservation of its mammal species. Information about the current status of the county's mammals is therefore not easy to find. This website hopes to address this by giving up to date information on species distribution, conservation status and will have updates on current mammal project. It will also hopefully be the catalyst to form a dedicated Nottinghamshire Mammal Group in the very near future.

A major aim of the website is to encourage the recording of all mammal species in the county and to hopefully obtain enough information to produce a county mammal atlas in the future. Information on how to record is given on the mammal atlas page and whichever way you record you will also be contributing to the National Mammal Atlas Project organised by the Mammal Society.

The majority of our mammal species are very poorly recorded, this is especially true for the species we assume to be very common. Your records of Grey Squirrel, Rabbit and Mole will be just as welcome as the rarer species. If you have any questions about mammals in Nottinghamshire or about our recording project please contact us by email or phone on 0115 958 8242

Nottinghamshire Mammals Nottinghamshire Mammals Nottinghamshire Mammals

Provisional Mammal Atlas updated December 2019

Download a copy of the December 2019 provisional mammal atlas

notts mammal atlas

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