Erinaceus europaeus

Nottinghamshire Mammals


Doesn't really need a description. The only British mammal with spines.

Widespread in the county recorded from 31 out of 35 hectads (29 since 2010). Most frequently recorded in gardens. A large number of records are of road casualties.

There has been a dramatic decline in hedgehog numbers in the UK over the last few years. The Peoples Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) 'Mammals on roads' survey (2001-2011) showed a 32% in hedgehogs being reported dead on the road and their 'Living with mammals' survey (2003 - 2012) also showed a similar decline, 37%, in urban and suburban areas. This equates to an annual declide of 3-5% every year. Our garden mammal survey will also gather data which will show how hedgehogs are doing in Nottinghamshire. Our Garden Mammal Survey asks people tell us when they last saw a hedgehog in their garden and the results are sumarised in the table below. Your negative records are also very important if we are to measure any local decline so please let us know if you haven't seen a hedgehog in you garden for many years.

Hedgehogs in nottinghamshire gardens

Photograph John Smith

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