How to record

There are several ways to send in your mammal records.

By email

Records can be sent to Records should include the following details :

If you have a large number of records it would be helpful if they could be collated into a spreadsheet (Excel or CSV file). An Excel template is available here.

Using Mammal Tracker

The Mammal Tracker App is available for iPhone or Android and makes mammal recording extremely easy. It uses the GPS in the phone to accurately record the location and there is identification help within the app. All records submitted are verified locally and will be included in the county dataset.

Use our garden mammals recording form

Nottinghamshire Mammals

Using the Mammal Society online recording form

If you don't have a smart phone you can still use this online mammal recording form. There is a very easy interface which is quick to use and includes a guide to help find an accurate OS grid reference.

By post

If you don't have access to email or the internet, records can be sent by post to:
Michael Walker
Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust
The Old Ragged School
Brook Street


Some mammal species can be difficult to identify. If you are unsure of a species you see I am always happy to receive photographs. Whilst taking pictures of live animals is difficult photographs can be very useful to identify animals that have been found dead. Records of polecat are particularly welcome if there is a picture to help verify the identification. The Mammal Tracker app has a feature which enables pictures to be added to the submitted record.

Your records will be added to the Nottinghamshire Mammal Database and shared with the Nottinghamshire Biological and Geological Records Centre and be included in the Mammal Society Atlas project.

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