Water Vole

Arvicola amphibius

Nottinghamshire Mammals


Much larger than our other vole species. It has blunt muzzle, small ears and eyes and brown fur. Its tail is about 60% of its head and body length and is slightly furry.

Often confused with the similarly sized Brown Rat which has a pointed muzzle, large ears and a tail almost as long as its head and body length.

Often the only clue to its presence is a loud 'plop' as it enters the water. Rats also swim but are silent when they enter water.

Well surveyed in Nottinghamshire and recorded on many of our rivers, canals, streams and drainage ditches. It has disappeared from many of its former sites, probably as a result of predation by mink

Water Vole has been recorded in 34 out of the 35 hectads in Nottinghamshire and in 30 since 2010 despite the obvious decline

Photograph Tom Marshall

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